My Mother’s Organic Peaches

Written by Dominick on December 11, 2014 Categories: Old Age

My mother and I went shopping yesterday at our local super market. She wanted to buy organic fruit for a new recipe she had found. We looked through the fruit selection for several minutes trying to find organic peaches. It is a very well-known fruit and should have been offered in the organic section also. We finally decided to ask an employee where the fruit would be. I finally found someone and asked where it was located. He looked at me for several seconds before he smiled. He then put his hands to his ears and fooled with his hearing aids. I asked him very politely again where the organic peaches were. He said he would show me right away. He walked right over to the area we had been looking in and pointed them out to us. My mother ended up making the best fruit salad that night for dessert.

Planning a Trip to Asia

Written by Dominick on December 7, 2014 Categories: Asia

Last year, I was considering travelling to a few different Asian countries. I went online in search of cheap accommodations and flights. It is amazing how complicated it is to navigate all of the recommendations on the Internet.

Singapore hotels in particular were difficult for me because reviews seemed very polarized. Everyone seemed to either love or hate every place in which I showed interest. I was not certain if the reviews were fake or if the travelers were just really that different.

Once I finally decided on a place to stay and booked my flight, the process of planning my trip became far less stressful. Just choosing a place to stay allowed me to plan my activities out easily. I simply chose things that were in close proximity to my accommodations.

It was green at first

Written by Dominick on November 30, 2014 Categories: Relationships

As a bridal makeup artist, I am often called upon to create some very interesting and unusual looks for my clients. I basically have seen it all, when it comes to reference pictures that clients want me to base their makeup style on. However, I recall this one time that a client came to me with what at first seemed like a normal request. She wanted me to use her own makeup products that she had personally created in her home.

I began with the usual application of a base foundation to create a clean slate on the client’s face. From here the real appearance of the makeup can begin to form. However, her homemade makeup seemed to be reacting strangely, as at first it turned green and rapidly turned to match her skin tone. I’ve never seen anything like it. She later revealed it contained sea algae and spinach extracts.

The Summer of Fun

Written by Dominick on November 23, 2014 Categories: Property

We were planning a summer party for all our friends and family in the area. It would be a big blowout with Barbeque chicken and fish, watermelon, potato salad, and ice cream. Everyone was bringing some part of the meal with a favorite game to play. One of our friends has a very eccentric personality and there was no guessing as to what he would bring as his contribution. We expected some amusement when he showed up. We were all disappointed when he walked in with a regular bag of chips and figured we were wrong about there being any problems with his contributions. Then he brought out his “game”. It was a bag of rock salt. We all laughed as he explained the game of “see how many licks of salt you can stand”. It was funny to see the looks on people’s faces as they tried to lick the salt. All in all the party was a success.

Looking for Ike Turner

Written by Dominick on November 19, 2014 Categories: Business

After I finished getting NCR books, I was working the day shift out of San Marcos when the phone rang.

It was Adrienne. Yeah, Adrienne. Cool glass of water out of Ventura.

Adrienne. See. She got with Spence and they got themselves a little ole’ radio show. KVTA-AM1520. Ventura’s only drive-time talk news music and…

Well, you know the drill.

 Adrienne and Spence wanted Ike. Yeah. Ike. Ike Turner. You know Ike. Father of rock and roll. Had a little thing with Tina. Big guy with a big bass.

They wanted Ike to spice up the deal. Shake, rattle and roll some cages. Spill the beans. Tell it like it is.

Now, me. I seen Ike. Seen him around town, don’t you know. At the Panda Gardens. The Power Surge. Going down San Marcos Boulevard. East and West. But you know what. Hadn’t seen Ike for a dog’s age.

Baking Bread Bricks

Written by Dominick on November 18, 2014 Categories: Gardening

One day I was in the mood for fresh bread I proceeded to gather all the ingredients together to begin making my dough. Sitting on the counter was a bucket that I assumed was my flour. I could not wait to smell the heavenly smell of bread baking. I took it out and noticed it felt heavier than it ever had before. I set it on the counter and it made a noticeable thunk. When I took it out of the pan to cut it I felt the weight of it and showed my husband. He asked “What did you do to it?” I said, “Nothing I put in the flour.” and I pointed to the bucket. He started to laugh uncontrollably. I thought he had lost his mind. He said to me. “Honey that’s not flour.” I asked him what it was and he told me it was silica flour. He used it to mix his plaster. Great I just made bread bricks.